Espresso Drinks

Ristretto Espresso


Ristretto is Italian for 'restricted.' Concentrating more, sweeter flavors in a small volume. For true espresso lovers

Normale Espresso


Traditional Espresso Pull

Approximately 2oz. pulled in the Italian style

Espresso Cubano


Bittersweet Latin Espresso

A normale double shot mixed with raw sugar - truly bittersweet

Cafe Latte


Espresso with Milk

Steamed milk and espresso topped with a small layer of perfect microfoam



Creamy and sweet - the perfect proportions of microfoam and milk to complement our syrupy espresso

Espresso Macchiato


Espresso and Milk

Macchiato = 'To Mark' in Italian. Espresso accented with a small splash of milk and foam

Mocha/Vanilla Latte


Espresso and Milk with added Flavor

Chocolate or Vanilla to complement our espresso and milk

Hot And Iced Brewed to Order

Seasonal Medium Roast

$2.75 - $mkt

Seasonal Medium Roast

Locally roasted to its peak of flavor and no further. Changes with availability

Dark Roast Blend


Seasonal Dark Roast blended with Sumatra

Rich and dark, with notes of cocoa and spice

Teas and Tisanes


Simple yet delicious

Black and green teas sourced for quality. Mulberry leaf tea as caffeine-free option

Ice It!

Any of our seasonally available coffees, teas, or tisanes are available brewed-to-order, by the cup, hot or iced