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Amazing coffee from a guy on a bike.  Coffee Cycle can make you taste coffee like you’ve never tasted before, and between pedal power, solar panels, and composting – you won’t find a more respectably responsible way to present the cafe experience.

About Chris

Chris O’Brien, creator of the Coffee Cycle, got his start in coffee at the turn of the millennium in a local cafe in Glen Rock, NJ serving homemade soups and ice creams.  A few years later, and Chris was lucky enough to get a job at Phoenix Coffee Roasters in Cleveland, OH.  Carl Jones, founder of Phoenix Coffee and the Arabica cafes prevalent in the Cleveland area helped nurture the passion for coffee by only sourcing great beans and emphasizing freshness after roast date to all employees and customers.  Between there and Algebra Tea House, a cornerstone of the quirky artistic folk of Cleveland’s Little Italy, Chris discovered the true meaning of hospitality as a foundation of community.  By becoming involved in the lives of customers, the person behind the counter at a cafe can have a truly positive impact on the way community members come together and interact.  This is essential to making the Coffee Cycle a truly special endeavor.  Once Chris found cycling as a way to improve his overall quality of life, he became part of a diverse local community that happens to spend a lot of time at local coffee spots.  Now, working with JBC Roasters in Wisconsin and other great coffee roasters in San Diego, Chris and the Coffee Cycle team are ready to showcase incredible coffee on a unique and innovative platform – all over the city.

Our Story

One day after work at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, the idea was tossed around (jokingly) of putting a cafe on the back of Chris’s bike.  Chris had been riding everywhere since 2008, and has been car-free his whole life.  The idea that was a bit of a joke was laughed off, but the next morning Chris started sketching some ideas, and realized the concept was possible.  It only took almost Three years of frustration, hard work, mild depression, and serious consulting by some amazing people.  But three years after deciding definitively to move forward with the Coffee Cycle project, it was approved by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health.  The people that made this happen for Chris and Coffee Cycle: Stu at Anywhere Bicycle Repair, Taylor at Hub+Spoke Cycles, and most of all, Peter.  Many others contributed, and Chris is forever grateful for the support of his family.  Hopefully, you think Coffee Cycle is pretty cool, too.

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