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We are open!

We are open amidst the chaos caused by COVID-19. We are doing our best to be responsible for the public health. Only 2 customers allowed in-store at a time to provide for adequate social distancing. Sanitizer is re-mixed at strength…

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Trials and Tribulations

I wish the Coffee Cycle project went as smoothly as I hoped/planned/dreamed.  It's not always just fun meeting folk and making awesome coffees, though.  On the technical side especially, I've had some issues. Most recently, I've had three major problems.…

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Heavy haulin’!

It's been an interesting couple months out here on Pacific Hwy at Coffee Cycle! Every morning, I get up, make myself breakfast and lunch, then load my bike up for the commute.  This all happens between 4:30AM and 5:00AM.  My…

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Welding fun

Peter has been doing incredible things for the Coffee Cycle.  He and I tacked the whole framework together, making sure everything was as plumb/level/square as could be.  I didn't just fill the role of photographer, as I sorta expected.  He…

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Health Department Stuff!

San Diego/California guidelines for mobile coffee setup Health Department regulations are not exactly easy to navigate.  There are some very clear wordings and some that are distinctly murky at best.  That being said- the folks working at San Diego's Department…

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