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Burly subframe looks great!

Peter, an engineer I know down at Solar Turbines here in San Diego, went up to Anywhere Bicycle Repair with me to look at the sub-frame Taylor built for the Coffee Cycle.  I’m really excited to have Peter work with me on the next stage of this, as he’s another fella with an incredibly practical grasp of ……. well, everything.

Getting together between him and Stu was like watching magic at work.  Peter was very happy with the burly sub-frame Taylor put together, which is not just a reinforcement to the bike framework mounted below, but mounts onto detachable bushing mounts, to provide some vibration dampening to the coffee countertop above, and to allow it to completely separate from the vehicle.

Satisfying as this session was, it really showed me how much more there is to do still.  We’ve created a vehicle capable of carrying the cafe.  Now we still need to make most of the cafe.  At least it’s pretty well planned out.  Peter and I talked a lot about materials choices, for the framework, the side paneling, and the countertop.  The Coffee Cycle is definitely going to be an incredible piece of design and engineering – to say nothing of how good the coffee is going to be!

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