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That was a very dirty bike

Joey at Coastal Tree Care had agreed to store my unmodified pedicab frame at his shop until Taylor from MHB and Cerberus could pick it up and start chopping it up and welding it back together.  I was mainly working on design- researching Mobile Food Facility laws and regulations in San Diego and trying to maximize efficiency of the Coffee Cycle’s cafe counter layout.  There were a few days left that the pedicab was going to be sitting at Joey’s shop, and I figured the best thing I could do to help Taylor get rolling on the fabrication was to scrub as much muck off the frame as possible.  A couple hours later, and (despite wearing gloves for most of it), the frame was distinctly cleaner at the expense of blackened palms and fingernails.  Taylor picked it up a few days later and had no idea what I had saved him from.

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