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Epic planning sesh

Bespoke fabrication is crazy complex – there are so many details of how the Coffee Cycle will ultimately function that need incredible detail and innovation.  Stu from Anywhere Bicycle Repair has been an incredible contributor to the Cycle’s design and functionality, as well as doing much of the mechanical work on it.

Today Stu came by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters to meet with me about the next phase of construction and design.  Together with some other folk helping me make this all happen, we’ve picked out materials, sketched out dimensions, and planned for ‘what goes where.’  Still, there is a lot of distance between the ideas and the final design, so Stu and I headed back to my place to hash some of it out.

Stu and I talked about most details involved in the final construction of this project, and in the process, we made several drawings, folded some papers, tore some paper up, put a stool on top of my kitchen table, and finally had to bust out the measuring tape while I stood on tiptoe and pretended to be taller.

In the end, we solved security issues, finalized canopy height, and agreed to get together over the weekend with Dustin, who volunteered to help with the latter stages of welding and countertop construction.

Awesomely productive meeting.  This is the stuff that keeps me sooooo excited to see this made a reality.  Soon!

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