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Feeling Hot Hot Hot…. and sometimes not

1st week in business is out of the way and it was a definite success! Day 1 was a little rocky with technical issues, but Day 2 went real smooth overall and I’m excited to get back out there tomorrow and sling some more tasty drinks!

A few people asked me for some food options, and, while I couldn’t get together my locally made tasty treats from a San Diego macaroon master, I’ve got a few options coming out tomorrow that I think people will like. I definitely leaned toward accommodating active cyclist type people, but I think there are some nice tasty cheap snack stuff some folk are gonna love (especially the caramel waffles!).

The one engineering/fabrication issue that has caused me the most headache and stress/depression is the hot water tower. Using electricity, it is INCREDIBLE how much power it takes to boil water. I have tried so much to get my hot water from my giant Lithium battery, and I think I’ve got to finally call a failure. I literally custom built my own hot water tower for 12V, and now it’s really nothing but trash.
I’ll probably get one more day of use out of it, but honestly, the health inspector (when he/she comes) is probably not going to be too stoked with my Frankenstein creation with heavy gauge wires sticking out the back.
So tonight I have a butane camp-style stove arriving, with a nice new kettle, and that will take the place of my custom fabricated Piece Of Shit. I have high hopes for it – it is regularly used for catering, and I hope it will fill my needs well. We’ll just have to field test it to see 🙂

Come by on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to get snacks and coffee! The new hot water source should mean I can be out for longer hours, so expect a nice change in that department soon!

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