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Initial frame mods finished – time to make it ride!

Taylor had a few delays getting the frame ready before the end of January, but he managed to deliver the bike to Stu at Anywhere Bicycle Repair by mid February.  I had met with him a few times to figure out the exact dimensions of the equipment going on board and his plans to lengthen and narrow the vehicle.  I had asked him to narrow it to less than 36 inches (the width of a doorframe) so that it could comfortably fit in a bike lane or on a bike path.  All his skill and many years of experience were needed to keep the axle with its differential in perfect alignment.  In addition, he extended the length of the original pedicab frame so it could carry as much water and equipment as possible.  This meant he had to do some serious reinforcement and had to start thinking seriously about weight distribution of the final equipment load and water/wastewater receptacles.

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