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I just got to ride it for the first time


That was fun.  Stu at ABR did some incredible work.  Every new part of this thing is more involved than I originally thought, and more sweet in the end.  Stu used the discs that were already mounted to the existing axle (that Taylor had to shorten while maintaining perfect alignment) and ran a whole new disc brake system to the rear wheels.  One brake lever, some extremely long hydraulic lines, and incredible stopping power from the rear.  He had a world class 26in wheel already built for the front, but laced up some 24in wheels custom for the back.  These rear wheels are supporting a heck of a lot of weight, so Stu went all-out.  Basically, he built mini motorcycle wheels that can stand a ridiculous beating (or the weight of a cafe travelling on San Diego’s pothole-infested roads).  The gearing on the drivetrain was mellow enough that I felt like I could load the back over capacity with sandbags and still pedal it away on a flat.

Now that it rides Taylor and I are going to meet on designing the bushing mount/subframe that was a collaborative innovation with Stu, Taylor, and myself.  I really just can’t wait until it’s all ready for me to start pulling some espresso on and making Clever drip coffees and teas!

It rides!doesn’t Stu look like he’s having fun?

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