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A little coffee photography today…

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My friend Joey has helped me from the very first step of this project, so today he and Charmin came by to help me take some fun coffee photos with some of BRCR’s best beans: Ethiopia Guji Zone 95pts and Colombia Noe Campo 2nd place Roasters United ’14.

Joey hasn’t always been into coffee, but I got him started drinking the occasional latte at Bird Rock, which he really enjoys, and he and I went on a tasting tour of SF together a few years ago.  I was sampling Ritual, Blue Bottle, and Four Barrel S.O. espressos and he would always order a latte.  Well, today, I convinced him to try a sip of the iced Guji Zone I had prepared in the photo shoots, and he loved his first sip of (post coffee enlightenment) black coffee.  Just some natural/dry processed Sidamo beans, a Clever dripper, and some ice.  He was really surprised by how refreshing iced coffee can be.  I love getting that reaction.

And then Charmin go in the coffee game- see pic.

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