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Long time coming. Open for business in 4 days

The biggest challenge for the Coffee Cycle has been the Health Department guidelines for mobile food facilities.  The folks at the Health Dept themselves couldn’t be nicer and more helpful, but they have to follow the book.  And the book, in this case, is full of rules and regulations that make an all-in-one coffee cart like the Coffee Cycle nigh impossible.

All that being said….

WE DID IT!  We got the approval!  We can proudly post the “A” grade awarded us by the Health Department and start serving drinks!

Passing the final live inspection was truly one of the more powerful moments in my life.  I have put in so much work and time.  I have been depressed and worn out/down.  My friends have put in so much.  Peter skipped days of work and left work early a few times to do welding for me on the frame.  However much I think I did, I know there’s a glacial level of unseen effort by my friends and family to support me during this three year journey.


Now onward to making lots of tasty drinks for all y’all.  Thanks for everything – see you soon

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