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Bulk – Ethiopia Testi Sebo Natural 5LBs (Coffee Cycle Roasting)



Ethiopia Testi Sebo Natural

Roaster: Coffee Cycle Roasting Co. (Exclusive Roast)
Processing: Natural processed

Tasting notes: Blueberry, peaches and cream, white chocolate, cherimoya, gardenia, kiwi

Ethiopia, where there are wild coffee forests, produces some wild tasting coffees, including this blueberry/peach juice bomb that finishes with a hint of floral notes and creamy white chocolate. This coffee is an exceptionally clean and balanced representation of the ideal Natural processed Ethiopia coffee.

District Nensebo Woreda
local Village Werka
Number of farmers registered for cherry reception: 700_800 farmers
Altitude in meters above sea level): 1900 – 2050 meters above sea level
Harvesting Period  November 1st – Jan 15

Additional information

Weight 2268 g

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