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Ethiopia Testi Sebo Natural (250g) – Coffee Cycle Roasting



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A ‘Natural’ processed coffee (sometimes referred to as ‘Dry Processing’) is a coffee that has had the fresh green coffee beans dried inside the freshly picked coffee cherry.  After the fruit and the bean have fully dried together, the bean is removed from the dried fruit so that it can be prepared for roasting.  Coffees produced this way, like this coffee from the Testi Sebo mill in West Arsi, Ethiopia, tend to have  a big, fruit-forward taste to them that is distinctive and unique.

The Testi Sebo mill dries its natural processed coffees for 15-18 days.  The mill processes cherries from 700-800 small farmers in the neighboring area, all at an elevation of 1900-2050 meters above sea level.  The importer we worked with to source this coffee, Mizar Coffee Importers, is a small importing company dedicated to empowering the community of coffee farmers and producers through the funding of projects that give better access to clean water, enhance school facilities, and improve living conditions.  Most recently, Mizar has been funding a project to build 20 water pipelines between Bombe Mountain and Shantawene in Sidama, Ethiopia.

This West Arsi Natural from Testi Sebo is a stunning example of great Sidama Natural coffees.  Juicy big blueberry, strawberry jam, and creamy white chocolate.  Some hints of florals add to the complexity of the cup while not detracting from the beauty of a big, juicy fruit bomb natural.  This coffee is a must try for lovers of Natural Ethiopias.

Comes in a refillable Coffee Cycle Tin. Bring your tin to the shop for a discounted refill.


Destrict Nensebo Woreda
local Village Werka
Number of farmers registered for cherry reception: 700_800 farmers
Altitude in meters above sea level): 1900 – 2050 masl
Harvesting Period  November 1st – Jan 15


Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in
Whole or Ground

Aeropress/Stovetop Grind, Classic Drip Grind, Espresso Grind, French Press Grind, Whole Bean

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