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House Roast BULK Subscription

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Your morning ritual’s best friend. Enjoy specialty coffees from around the world, hand-roasted in San Diego, California by Coffee Cycle Roasting. This regular offering features a classic daily coffee that brings out the best in your morning. These house roast coffees pair well with a variety of home brewing methods, and are consistently good for both drip, pour over and espresso. Selected by our Head Roaster, Chris O’Brien, these  coffees bring out the uniqueness of each varietal and origin, and pair well with a variety of home brewing methods. Your subscription coffees are roasted and shipped within 24 hours ensuring you’ll be receiving the freshest coffees we can offer.

Simply select how often you would like to received your subscription (weekly, every other week, or monthly), and how you would like your coffee beans to be delivered.

Current House Roast subscription is:

Colombia Finca El Progreso

Roaster: Coffee Cycle Roasting Co. (Exclusive Roast)
Processing: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Region: Huila
Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia
Tasting notes:
 Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Citrus

From Ally Coffee:

Finca El Progreso is located in Vereda El Caramelo, Palestina municipality outside of the city of Pitalito. The farm belongs to Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia and Claudia Samboni and grows Geisha, Bourbon, and Caturra trees between 1580-1700 meters above sea level. The property has been a coffee farm for 80 years, starting with eight hectares planted with coffee and growing to its current 22 hectares.

The property is special because it is where the Sanchez Valencia family was born and raised. Rodrigo, Claudia, and their team focus on producing both quality and quantity. By following a systematic plan for fertilizations, variety selection, pest and plague control, harvesting, and processing, they and their team are able to produce both consistent quality and overall high volumes per hectare.

All cherries harvested are measured for degrees Brix. Based on sugar content indicated, the team at Aromas del Sur, the umbrella group of Monteblanco, Progreso, and La Loma farms, then designates which processing method is appropriate. Coffees with 24-27 degrees Brix are processed as washed coffees, beginning with depulping cherries they day they are harvested.

Coffee is fermented for 28–32 hours, fully washed with clean water, transferred to the solar dryer for several days, and finally moved to shaded raised beds to complete the drying process. Floaters are removed at the first stage prior to depulping to produce clean, consistent coffees that represent the terroir of the farm.

While the farm runs successfully as a business, the land holds special meaning as family legacy. These are the connections to people and place Rodrigo and his family share when they offer their coffee.

Read more about Rodrigo and Claudia’s other experimental farm, Finca Monteblanco, on the Ally Coffee blog. Additional image from

Coffees shipped will change automatically as house coffee changes at Coffee Cycle.

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