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Sumatra Badak Gede 250g



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The island of Sumatra in Indonesia produces some of our favorite, unique coffees. This classic wet-hulled Sumatra is produced from a small village in the famed Aceh region of the island, and exemplifies all the qualities we love about coffees from this origin. Brown sugar sweetness balances out a distinctly savory flavor profile, with hints of black pepper and herbs. A rich and satisfying cup that will appease drinkers of both medium and darker roasts, despite its more gentle medium roast profile.

BODY: Rich
REGION: Badak Gede, Takengon, Aceh

The area where this coffee originated is very rural with occasional high wind problems. It is approximately 40km away from the nearest city and is unreachable in poor weather conditions. The terroir is mountainous, with a unique ‘red soil,’ instead of black. Most of the village inhabitants used to be quite poor—so the farmers were never able to invest in newer coffee varieties/hybrids sold by the Indonesian government, even with incentive pricing.

The local farmers therefor continue to harvest the older Ateng variety.  They have replanted the land with that original variety, as it was the only seed stock available to them. The Ateng variety produces less volume of coffee than the new varieties available, and takes a longer time to mature to harvest. The bean size is also smaller than the newer hybrids.  Throughout Sumatra, Ateng is becoming less popular among farmers and could become extinct.

Despite its issues as a profitable crop by volume, though, the Ateng variety is arguably superior in cupping profile, displaying elegant complexity in its overall taste. The farmers growing this variety also tend to focus on extreme focus on quality control and harvest/processing technique, being completely aware of their need to gain an advantage in the market with their smaller crops. This coffee supports a tradition of coffee production in Sumatra that yields a great cup, while helping to increase the living standard for the hardworking people that produce it.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 6.25 in
Whole or Ground

Aeropress/Stovetop Grind, Classic Drip Grind, Espresso Grind, French Press Grind, Whole Bean

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