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Trials and Tribulations

I wish the Coffee Cycle project went as smoothly as I hoped/planned/dreamed.  It’s not always just fun meeting folk and making awesome coffees, though.  On the technical side especially, I’ve had some issues.

Most recently, I’ve had three major problems.

First off, I was all ready to go the other day in the garage/shop, and hopped on the saddle to roll out to the set-up spot.  I pedalled my heavy contraption out there, and rolled up the gates and got all set up.  Then I started to smell something smoke-y.  Being on the side of Pacific Hwy near the junction of the 5 and the 8 (also near some major construction project crews) that type of smell is not Too unusual.  Luckily, I suspected it might be my cart, and I started trying to diagnose the problem right away.  When two of my regular cyclist customers rolled up, they found me on my knees in front of the cart with the menu panel removed.  I had found sparks jumping between a braided steel water pipe and a small wear spot in the paint on the tricycle chassis.  Yikes!

However, I still managed to make my cycling friends their espressos and figured out that as long as I was careful I could avoid causing any more sparking for the day.  It wasn’t a perfect fix by any means, but I got through the anxious day until I was able to head back to the shop at 2pm and find the culprit (an exposed connector on the back of my USB port) and fix it.


Another major problem happened when the axle broke.  Again.  I really don’t want to relive those memories, but I strained my back trying to get the cart back to the shop, I had amazing help from two folk at DecoBike yet again, and Dustin fixed the axle in record time so I only lost 2 days of business.


Lastly, I’ve had problems with my wheels.  I had the wheels built up as burly as possible by a master wheel-builder.  They should take a heck of a lot of abuse.  But I’ve got a few broken spokes on one wheel, and I’m getting worried…

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